Taking Your Dog on a Trip to the Beach? Read This First!

Merritt Milam | June 3, 2019

School’s out and many families are heading to the beach! Wags provides a wonderful option for those who want their best furry friend in a safe welcoming place, avoiding the potential challenges associated with a heavy travel schedule. However, some of our families feel a trip to the beach isn’t a real family vacation unless it includes their pets. Wags wants to offer support to you as well!  If you’re considering a trip to the beach with your furry friend, here are a few tips to help make the most of your vacation with Fido.


Choose a Pet-Friendly Beach

Before you pack your swimsuit and Fido’s surfboard, check for pet-friendly beaches at your destination. At BringFido.com you can get a list and personal reviews of pet-friendly beaches by state.


Water, Water Everywhere But…

A summer day at the beach can lead to a dehydrated pup. Salt water is never good for your pet and can cause diarrhea and an upset stomach. Make sure you bring plenty of fresh, cool water for your pet to drink. A collapsible cup is also a great item to bring.


Sun Protection

If Fido has light skin and fur or short hair, they can burn just like you. The ears and nose are the most susceptible areas on your pet, but their paws can also burn while on the hot sand. There are pet-approved sunscreens and clothing you might want to check out. The best advice is to limit your pet’s exposure to the early morning and evening hours when the sun is not as hot.


Watch Your Step

A nice walk on the beach can suddenly turn dangerous if your pet accidentally steps on broken glass, coral, shells, or other sharp items hidden in the sand. Pet booties can be helpful. Try to keep your pet close to the water where the sand is more firm and cooler.

Be A Good Visitor

Beaches have enough litter that washes up on shore each year. Make sure you pick up your trash and especially evidence of your pet’s restroom breaks. Many dog-friendly beaches have poop bags but it’s always a good idea to bring your own for easy, clean disposal.

The Rinse Cycle

Before you leave the beach, make sure Fido gets a good rinse. Salt, sand, and beach germs need to be washed out of your pet’s coat to avoid serious itching and scratching. A good rinse will cool your pet off and keep your car clean.


Last But Not Least

If this is your pet’s first trip, check out our blog from August 2017 – “Tips for Traveling with Pets”. You’ll find helpful information to make your pet’s travel safe and enjoyable.


Remember, if travel isn’t your pet’s thing or your vacation isn’t pet appropriate, call Wags ‘N Whiskers at 205.902.9247 to schedule their fun, safe, and relaxing stay.