Wags’ tips for traveling with pets

Merritt Milam | August 11, 2017

Along with football season and holidays comes the need for both short and long distance travel plans. This can be an overwhelming time for pets with changes in schedule and new scenery, so it’s important to make sure they are comfortable when traveling by car or by plane. If you’re thinking about bringing your furry friend along on the next trip, read the Wags guide to traveling with pets for tips and advice on making the experience as seamless as possible for you and your pets.

Pack a traveling kit

Before you embark on any type of travel, make a list of the everyday items your pet will need. Make him feel at home by packing a few familiar items such as toys or dog beds. Be sure to remember any medications, food, treats and grooming supplies that your pet may need, and don’t forget the collar in case of any unexpected occurrences.

Plan for frequent stops and exercise breaks

It’s important to plan for frequent stops and breaks so your pup doesn’t feel stressed when confined to a small space for too long. This will also help him exert energy to make the ride more peaceful for you and your family. Plan these breaks ahead of time to ensure you arrive at your destination safe and on time.

Do your research

Flying with your pet is a detailed and complex process that will require a good amount of research beforehand. Consider the safest airlines for pets and read all about each policy for pet travel. As these policies typically vary, it’s important to be well-prepared with the proper documents, equipment and safety knowledge. Read about traveling through the Birmingham airport in a previous Wags blog about flying with your furry friends.

Never leave pets alone in a parked car

While it may go without saying, it’s never safe to leave your pet in a parked car without supervision. While summer temperatures are particularly dangerous, car interiors are not always a direct reflection of the outside environment. If your trip will involve stops that will leave your pets alone in the car, consider revising your schedule or have someone accompany you that can care for your pet during these stops.

Practice makes perfect

Before setting out on a long road trip with your pet, take short trips to test how he acts in and adapts to the car. This can help you be more prepared to anticipate his needs during the trip and prepare him for what’s ahead. You may also find that your pup is not up for car travel at all. In this case, try not to lead your furry friend into a situation that may cause unnecessary stress or safety hazards for you both, and consider alternative accommodations.

Know your pet’s limits

Take note of just how far and long your pet can travel before becoming abnormally anxious. If your pet becomes too overwhelmed when traveling, consider boarding him while you’re away. Wags B&B offers a deluxe home-away-from-home experience with large runs and expansive suites. This will help avoid any stress that can arise when traveling with a pet that is unprepared for travel.


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