Wags ‘n Whiskers’ Merritt Milam Speaks to PetMD about Training Pets with Retractable Leashes

Merritt Milam | December 8, 2016

Wags ‘n Whiskers founder and head trainer, Merritt Milam, recently spoke to PetMD about training pets using retractable leashes. “As a trainer, one of the biggest things I see people coming in for is loose-leash walking,” Merritt says. “It’s what everyone’s worried about, but a retractable leash teaches a dog to pull.” Instead of retractable leashes, Merritt told PetMD that owners should consider a four-to-six foot flat leash that won’t allow pets to drag. Even dogs who are used to walking with a retractable leash can learn loose-leash walking. “It just takes more time and patience.” Read article.