Wags ‘N Whiskers’ Merritt Milam Provides Tips for Dog Owners at the Farmers Market for Article in PawCulture

Merritt Milam | May 2, 2017

Wags ‘n Whiskers’ founder and head trainer, Merritt Milam, recently spoke with PawCulture about taking pets to the farmer’s market. Merritt cautioned that pet owners should consider whether or not their pet is ready for the outing, especially in regards to loud noises. If this is  the case, Merritt recommends leaving your pet at home. “Some markets offer entertainment and music,” Merritt said in the article. If at any point during the market your dog seems stressed or too anxious, Merritt reminds pet parents that they have the option to leave. “Watch your dog, make sure he is still calm,” she said. “If your dog seems anxious or uncomfortable, you should remove him from the situation.” Read article.