Merritt Milam speaks to PawCulture about preparing your dog for a baby

Merritt Milam | October 18, 2017

In a recent article by PawCulture, Wags ‘n Whiskers’ founder and head trainer, Merritt Milam, provided tips and advice on how to prepare your dog for a new baby. “Training using positive reinforcement methods strengthens the bond between pet parents and their dogs,” Merritt said. “Having a good relationship is important so the dog knows to look to her parent when determining her next move.” According to the article, part of this training will include teaching your dog cues that will come in handy with a baby in the house. “‘Leave it,’ where the dog leaves an object alone, can be helpful when it comes to baby’s toys,” Merritt says in the article. “It might be challenging to teach the difference between the baby’s toys and the dog’s toys, but if pet parents can teach the ‘leave it’ cue, it can apply to the baby, baby’s food, clothes and toys.” Read article.