Birmingham Business Journal Executive Profile: Wags ‘n Whiskers Founder and Head Trainer Merritt Milam

Merritt Milam | October 24, 2017

Wags ‘n Whiskers’ founder and head trainer, Merritt Milam, recently was featured in an Executive Profile by the Birmingham Business Journal. The article chronicles how Merritt got her start in the pet care industry and how she was able to fulfill her dream of owning and operating her own facility. Merritt discusses how Wags is set apart from other similar businesses, how Wags keeps up with the changing pet care industry, and the challenging situations and future goals for the company. “It’s a growing business for sure. We’ve got a pretty good niche in Homewood, since we have awesome clients,” Merritt said. “Once people choose their trainer or day care or groomer, people treat that the same way they treat their hair when they go back to the same hairdresser. People find a groomer they like, and they stick to them. We use Snapchat for day care, so parents can log in and see our day care throughout the day. All the parents know their dogs’ friends. They see who their dogs hang out with, and they keep coming back because they can see that their dog has friends at camp, so I think we’ve found a pretty good niche with the clientele that we have.” Read article.