Merritt Milam | April 1, 2020

Don’t Forget My Vaccines and Heartworm Meds!

The past few weeks have been anything but normal for our community of pet parents and their fur babies. Hopefully, you’ve been able to take some good long walks, play fetch, or just relax with your best friend while you have more time at home.

As schedules and appointments get disrupted, we thought it was important to make sure Fido’s healthcare isn’t lost in all the confusion. Spring is already in full force and summer will be here before you know it. Heartworm prevention and scheduled vaccinations are critical for your pet’s continued health and happiness.

To help our wonderful Wags family of pets and parents stay on top of these preventive measures, we offer the charts below, detailing key vaccine reminders.


Flea, Tick, & Heartworm Prevention

All pets should be on a year-round preventative medication for these bugs, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Make sure your pet is on a veterinarian prescribed treatment to avoid the dangers these parasites can cause.

We are so glad to be open again and look forward to seeing all our furry friends. Please make sure your pets are up to date on their vaccines and preventative medications before they come back to Wags. While we are all busy trying to stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to forget these important requirements that help keep all our pet friends safe and healthy.

We hope this information has been helpful and will make your pet’s Wags experience an enjoyable one.