Wags Way Home Rescue: A Trusted Friend. A New Name.

Merritt Milam | November 2, 2021

Wags ‘N Whiskers has been taking care of our local neighbors’ pet day care, grooming, boarding, and training needs since 2014. To expand on our services, we are excited to announce our new rescue for abandoned and surrendered pets – Wags Way Home!

Wags Way Home is not only focused on rehoming these forgotten pets, but we’re also dedicated to helping them better adapt to their new, forever family.

Today we sat down with the founder of Wags ‘N Whiskers, Merritt Milam, to find out more about their new rescue – Wags Way Home.

Who is Wags Way Home?

Wags Way Home is a rescue supported through Wags ’N Whiskers Comprehensive Pet Care and dedicated to finding forever homes for the pets brought into the rescue. We are also dedicated to providing behavior modification and training to help approved animals stay in their current homes or become better suited for adoption into their forever home. Training provided to rescues will be funded by monetary or service donations, allowing us to continue helping other rescues achieve the same goal.

What is different about Wags Way Home Rescue and other rescues?

The main difference between W2H and other rescues is the dedication to training and behavior modification.

What is the process for adoption?

Adoption applications are very thorough. Our goal is to make sure our furry friends and family members are compatible and live happily ever after. An adoption fee helps cover the cost of providing shelter and care until pets can be rehomed. Our fee for dogs is $150, cats $100. For more information contact us at (205) 902-WAGS (9247), email Merritt@wagshomewood.com, message us through our Facebook or rescue website page.

How do you find your rescues?

Our rescues come to us in various ways. They have either been surrendered by owners, dropped and abandoned, or via reliable friends who are close to someone needing to rehome a pet.

What do you do to make sure the rescues are healthy?

Our rescues are taken in and kept isolated from our day care Campers until they are fully vetted.

What is your background and experience to run a rescue?

As a kid, I would “rescue” neighborhood dogs (who were clearly well cared for, but my 6-year-old self was never convinced). I’d bring them into my parents’ house, feed them, offer water, and call their parents to get them home. Every so often, I actually found a lost pet and was always thrilled to find their parents!

That kind of happy is something I think everyone should always be searching for, so opening a rescue through Wags just made sense! I’ve also always had a big heart for pets with behavior issues. Because of my interest and experience in training, working out a way to support not only the behaviorally challenged pets, but also other rescue organizations, seems a great way to continue doing what I love in an even more meaningful way! Though W2H has only just opened, we’ve already successfully placed 2 in forever homes and have 2 pending adoptions currently! Please check out our Wags Way Home Rescue Facebook page or www.WagsHomewood.com to see our adoptable pets and keep up with those who are being cared for to prepare them for adoption!


How can someone support the rescue?


We welcome any donated pet items like food, bedding, leashes, collars, and other pet care articles. We also appreciate volunteers who can foster pets or help as a walking buddy. Monetary donations are always welcomed.

How Can People Help Spread The Word Out About The Rescue?

Wags ‘N Whiskers pet care is fortunate to have a great reputation as a wonderful place for grooming, boarding, day care, and training.

We are also offering a FREE day of day care for everyone that “LIKES” our Wags Way Home rescue page on Facebook. Just click the link, “LIKE” the page, and then when you schedule your dog’s day care stay make sure you mention you liked the page. It’s that simple. This offer ends December 31, 2021 – and is only good for one day per dog.

Is Wags Way Home a nonprofit organization?

Yes. We are 501(c)3 pending and will be able to offer tax write-offs even if they have to be backdated to pre-nonprofit status!

How can people contact the rescue?

Call (205) 902-WAGS (9247), email Merritt@WagsHomewood.com, or message Wags Way Home from our Facebook or rescue website page.