Wags University: Advanced Training Class

Merritt Milam | April 7, 2016

Join us for Wags University’s advanced training class each Tuesday, in Birmingham, Alabama, beginning April 12 through May 17 from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. This six-week course will teach a series of 12 advanced skills and prepare participating dogs for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.


“The goal of the class is to help our canine friends be more manageable in public, including sitting for petting, walking nicely and remaining calm during on-leash greetings with other dogs,” said Rebecca Mason, CPDT, a trainer at Wags.


In order to mature each pooch’s social behavior, dogs will be taught skills such as heel, long distance stays, working without the owner, meeting strangers, walking on a loose leash, down stay, stand stay and supervised separation.


If your dog has mastered basic training and is ready to develop additional commands and social skills, the advanced training class is the perfect next step. Prior courses such as Wags’ puppy or beginner training are recommended, but not required, before taking the advanced class.


Get your furry friend ready for their new set of skills and commands with at-home training. “Working with your dog on eye contact is a great way to prepare, such as a ‘watch me’ exercise or rewarding for offered eye contact,” added Rebecca.


After the six-week course, the participating dogs should demonstrate a greater response and reliability to commands as well as higher compliance in public and when interacting with other dogs.


Call 205.902.WAGS (9247) for additional information and to register your furry friend!