Training: A Life-Long Experience for Your Dog and You

Merritt Milam | February 2, 2022

Whether your dog is young or old, training provides worthwhile experiences that build positive relationships for a lifetime. Dogs naturally want to please, and training provides the opportunity for a pet to learn important life-skills while creating a lasting bond with their parent.

Wags ‘N Whiskers will soon be announcing new training classes for our furry friends. Here is a look at the benefits of training and some of the instruction your dog can receive.



Why Train?

Most pet parents assign human qualities to their dog. After all, they are part of the family. Often parents look at training as a rigid, no fun activity that dehumanizes their pet and turns them into robots. Some may feel that training doesn’t let their dog “be a dog.”

However, a dog’s instinctive nature is for social structure. They respond to leadership and have a need for an “alpha dog” parent. Without leadership and structure, dogs may act out and try to take charge. Bad behaviors like leash pulling, jumping on people, and barking may develop if a dog does not understand who the leader is in the relationship.


Training your dog provides several key benefits.

  1. Safety – A trained dog is less likely to bolt from their parent when off-leash and distracted. Training also helps your pet learn to be more controlled and calmer around other people and dogs, thus keeping them safer. Learning commands like “Sit”, “Stay”, and “Leave It” will build your dog’s confidence…again, assuring safety.
  2. Socialization – Training classes give your dog a great opportunity to be exposed to other people and pets in a safe and controlled environment. It also teaches them respect for boundaries, maintaining comfort and at ease with others.
  3. Bonding – Pets are wonderful companions. They give us unconditional love and create special memories. Training classes strengthen your relationship and build a life-long bond between you and your dog. Training classes also help your pet trust and respect your leadership.
  4. Vet Visits – Many pets do not handle vet visits very well. Some are anxious, while other may be aggressive or difficult to exam. Training can improve socialization skills and help desensitize your dog to being touched or treated by your vet and/or groomer.
  5. Exercise – Dogs need exercise. Training classes are a great way to give your pet a good workout, helping them maintain healthy weight and condition.


Perhaps the most important benefit of all, training helps you better understand your pet and will make you a better pet parent.


Wags will be launching our new training classes soon! You can be assured the experience will be safe, professional, and lots of fun. Wags is committed to your pet’s happiness by providing the best boarding, day care, grooming, and training classes. Thank you for your continued support for our local business. We look forward to seeing you and your dog in training soon!