Toys Rule Dogs Drool

Merritt Milam | March 6, 2015

Whether you are trying to keep your animal busy or improve their mental capabilities, it’s important to have the right tools at home. While many dog toys can be just that – toys – there are a few we highly recommend to help you occupy, train and entertain your pup!

The Kong
Kong toys are great – they’re compact, promote learning and are nearly indestructible. These toys can be stuffed with your dog’s favorite treats and will encourage them to solve the puzzle of accessing their surprise!
There are tons of great Kong recipes to keep your pups interested – try new flavor combinations and give your pets some variety!

The Bob-a-Lot
The makers of this toy took a note from the Weebles and created a weighted contraption that wobbles when it is touched. In our experience, dogs absolutely love this. The movement is entertaining and will keep them busy for extended periods of time. If your dog eats dry food, you can even put their entire meal in the Bob-a-Lot and make mealtime a fun activity!

The Kibble Drop
This puzzle-type contraption is a great way to pique your dog’s interest and slow down food consumption. Unlike other toys, the Kibble Drop requires supervision and your dog may need help figuring it out initially. Simply drop a piece of food or a treat in the top and it will fall randomly in one of the four chambers. Your furry friend will have to use his nose and his wits to find the treat and retrieve it from the correct covered chamber.

The Dog Casino
For a slightly more difficult puzzle, try the Dog Casino. This interactive toy comes in different difficulty levels and includes multiple pieces and compartments that can lock. With several large compartments, you can fit in plenty of food, both wet and dry.

Knuckle Bone
Knick knack, patty whack give your dog a bone – a knuckle bone, that is! To keep your dog entertained for an extended period of time, get rid of the rawhides that only last a few minutes. Instead, opt for a raw knuckle bone. These bones are wonderful because they’re soft, they clean your dog’s teeth and are a healthy dose of calcium!

There are a number of great toys and treats on the market, but as with everything, it is important to know your own dog’s preference and always keep safety in mind!