Tips for the Ultimate Pet-Friendly Tailgate

Merritt Milam | September 12, 2016

It’s that time of the year again! College football is back and we couldn’t be more excited! Good food, friends and some healthy competition isn’t a bad way to spend Saturdays in the South. What’s the one thing that could make the football experience even more fun? Including our furry friends in all of the excitement! We know that bringing pups to a tailgate can be an overwhelming experience, so we’ve provided some tips to help alleviate the stress.


Make sure you’re well-prepared

Keep in mind the things that your pup requires on a daily basis. Don’t forget to pack plenty of fresh water and food so your dog doesn’t get dehydrated or devour the chips and dip when he gets hungry. Also remember that the summer heat is still scorching at the beginning of the season, so keep a close eye on your pet to make sure he’s not overheating. Be sure to grab the ever-important leash before you hit the road on Saturday. You won’t want your dog to bother other tailgaters or run away while you’re socializing with friends and family. Oh, and be sure to pack a few extra bags just in case your pup decides to use the restroom in a less-than-ideal spot.


Consider your pup’s age and personality

Before you decide to bring your pup along to the tailgate, you’ll want to think about his age and personality. Not all dogs enjoy being in social settings, especially in atmospheres as overwhelming as a SEC tailgate. Make sure your dog has had plenty of experience being around other dogs and large crowds of people. This will save you from having to make the trip back home if your pup can’t handle the party. We also don’t recommend bringing your new puppy along to a tailgate. While you may think it’ll be fun for your young, energetic furry friend, he will most likely not be his normal self when thrust into such a hectic and overwhelming situation. Make sure your dog is mature enough to remain calm and collected throughout the day!


Keep your furry fan happy and healthy

While it’s important that you and your family have a great time at the tailgate, you’ll also want your pup to enjoy his experience. If possible, give your dog plenty of exercise before sending him off to the races. This will make him less anxious in the car and a tad calmer when first arriving to the site. Once you get to the tailgate area, familiarize your pup with other dogs and people that are also there. Bring toys, such as a Frisbee or tennis ball, to play fetch with your dog and his new friends in an open area. You can also pack some treats to reward good behavior and to keep him away from your snack bar. If your pup enjoys playing dress up, make him feel included by suiting him up in the colors of your favorite team.


Follow these tips and your pooch will be begging to come back every Saturday! But if you don’t plan to bring your pup to the tailgate, drop him off at Wags and receive discounted boarding with your ticket stub during the regular college football season. Call 205-902-WAGS (9247) to book your furry friend’s spot today!