Take Your Pooch to Work Day

Merritt Milam | June 18, 2015

National Take Your Dog to Work Day is right around the corner on June 26, 2015! All work will go to the dogs on this national holiday, which proves to be the ultimate celebration for those of us who want our pooches to be around all day, every day. While some companies choose to be dog-friendly only on this special day, for some lucky pet owners, some companies have instilled a year-round pooch-friendly policy. Studies have found that companies that allow dogs in the workplace see meaningful results and positive benefits to the office environment.

Benefits of having furry friends in the office include increased morale and productivity, happier employees, improved employee to employee relationships and lower personal day rates. One survey even found that employees would work longer hours if they had their pets with them! Another benefit? Having your dog in the office forces you to take breaks, which is beneficial to the human mind and body and ultimately increases productivity. A study conducted by Central Michigan University found when dogs are present in a group, employees are more inclined to trust each other and collaborate more effectively. Another study found having your dog in the office reduces stress and increases overall job satisfaction. These surveyed employees had increased stress levels throughout the day when their furry friends were not present. Dogs in the workplace sound like a win-win situation to us!

If your company is celebrating National Take Your Dog to Work Day, be sure to drop your pooch off at Wags Salon the day before for a grooming session. We’ll have them clean and ready for their exciting day at the office! If you’re unable to bring your pooch to work, don’t fret – take them to Camp Wags for a fun-filled day of play and be assured they’ll have a ball!