Surviving the Perils of Shedding Season

Merritt Milam | April 24, 2015

Spring has finally arrived, and with the joy of these warmer months comes the woe of our beloved pets’ shedding season. Unfortunately, shedding impacts the majority of dog and cat breeds, and there is little you can do as a pet owner to prevent this from taking place. At Wags ‘n Whiskers, we understand how frustrating shedding can be for you and your fluffy pal.

Most often, shedding occurs during the changing of the seasons, when hair follicles are growing new hair and replacing the old. Outside of the heavy shedding seasons, the amount of hair a dog sheds depends on its breed and health. Indoor dogs are less likely to have changes in the heaviness of their coats throughout the year and shed at a fairly consistent rate. While some shedding is normal, the amount varies by breed, excessive shedding can be an indicator of poor nutrition or even a major health issue. According to the ASPCA, you should contact your local vet if you notice any of these unusual shedding symptoms: skin irritation, open sores, bald spots or a thinning coat, dry hair that pulls out easily, scratching, constant foot licking or face rubbing. Wags ‘n Whiskers has great partnerships with many local veterinarians in the Homewood and Birmingham area, so if you think your pet may be shedding due to health reasons, we’re happy to connect you to one of our fantastic partners.

Shedding is a natural part of life for your canine and there is no way to eliminate it. The best way to stay ahead of shedding season is to groom your dog frequently. A fairly new and advanced brush that we love to use on our own dogs is the FURminator®, which reduces shedding by up to 90 percent! At Wags ‘n Whiskers, we offer grooming and bathing services like the popular FURminator® bath, which includes a bath and heavy brushing with the FURminator® brush to eliminate all of the dead hair on your fluffy friend. Your dog will leave the Wags Salon with virtually no loose, shedding hair!

For the pet owners who want to avoid shedding at all costs, there are definitely some breeds to stay away from that shed more often than others, like the ever-popular Golden and Labrador Retriever breeds, which have double coats. There is a small group of dog breeds that have little-to-no shedding at all and tend to be extremely popular for dog owners who have animal allergies. Some of these popular breeds include Bichon Frise, Portuguese Water Dog, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle, among others. However, the majority of pet owners have to deal with shedding hair.

For more information on ways to eliminate shedding and live a (slightly) less hairy life, give Wags ‘n Whiskers a call at 205.902.WAGS. We’re always happy to help you and your furry friend!