Summer Pet Series: Part 2 – Summer Fun

Merritt Milam | July 1, 2020

It’s summer and time to have FUN with our pets! Now that the days are longer and we can get outside more, here are some fun activities to bond with your pet.

Go for A Walk
Okay, you’ve gone for walks during the “stay-at-home” period but with more people back at work, traveling, or just being away from home more, your pet’s routine has changed again. It’s time to reacclimate your pet for another “new normal”. Set a schedule for walking and exercise.

Make sure your dog is well hydrated and the walk is not too strenuous. Our pets need exercise and companionship. A nice evening walk or weekend hike in the woods will do everyone good.

Throw A Pet Party
Everyone likes a party – so, why not a party for your pets?! Turn your typical BBQ into a fun time with your pets by adding pet approved treats and some games, like fetch. Your dog will love the fun of a family activity that’s just for them. You can also add a small plastic pool or splash pad, great ways for them to cool off and enjoy the water. For more ideas on cool pet treats visit Modern Dog.

Puppy/Obedience Training Classes
Summer fun doesn’t always have to be outside. Now is a great time to build and teach your dog important life lessons. Training classes help develop confidence, provide exercise, and teach valuable skills for safety and obedience. It’s also a good way to socialize your dog to people and pets. For more information visit our training web page here.

Go Shopping
Did you know many stores are now pet-friendly? This can be a fun outing for them and a good opportunity to help them socialize with others. Keep in mind, your pet should be on a leash and well behaved.

If you aren’t sure how your dog will handle different environments and people, we definitely recommend you take your dog to training classes at Wags. Obedience classes can provide a good foundation for your dog and will give you specific instruction to help your dog navigate new adventures.

Here’s the perfect fun activity for your dog when you are working, on vacation, or just need a place for your pet during the day – Camp Wags. Our large indoor, climate-controlled play area is a wonderful place where your dog can run and socialize with other dogs.

Camp Wags offers a fun-filled daycare where dogs can enjoy a full schedule of playtime! Our Camp Counselors take great care to introduce dogs properly and determine playgroups by each dog’s personality and preferences. We embrace a low Counselor-to-pet ratio so that we are able to devote more time to each animal while ensuring the safety of all. For more information on Camp Wags visit our website here.

For Extra Fun…

Pictures to Pets – If you’re like most pet parents, you probably have thousands of pictures of your furry friend – but do you have a custom stuffed animal of your pet? Check out the Petsies® company that can take your cute photo and turn it into a plush look-a-like of your pet.

Lunch Anyone? – While restaurants don’t usually allow pets inside to dine due to health regulations, there are places that have areas outside where you and your dog are welcome to sit and enjoy a beautiful summer day. Make sure you have water and pet-approved treats.

Picnics – Try a quick lunch break with your dog at a local park. Make sure you bring along some of their favorite treats and a water bowl so they can cool down if it’s hot.

Wags wants you and your pet to stay safe and happy during seasons of change. We hope these pet-friendly activities provide lots of fun this summer. Stay safe!