Ready For Spring? Tips For Your Pet!

Merritt Milam | March 1, 2022

As winter turns to spring, it’s important to help your pet make the transition and be prepared for warmer weather. Here are some tips that will have your pet shaking off the winter chill and put a spring in his/her step!


Winter can be hard on a pet’s coat. A good start to spring is a spa day for your pet. A good bath and grooming will help reduce the shedding of their winter coat and give you a fresh, clean smelling pet. Frequent brushing will also help maintain their coat between appointments. Pets with thick, long fur may need a good shave-down in advance of the warmer weather.

For an appointment call (205) 902-WAGS (9247).

Vet Check

Many pet parents are often not as diligent with parasite prevention during the fall and winter months as they should be. In our area, flea, tick, and misquito born illnesses can occur year-round. Spring is a good time to make sure your pet is up to date on all preventive medications. This is also important and required if your dog boards or attends day care at Wags.

Clean Yard

Spring cleaning is not only for the home. With dogs that frequent the outdoors during the warmer months, it’s important to make sure your yard is pet friendly. Check the yard for downed limbs or items that could attract snakes. Also, if you have a fence make sure it is secure so your pet can’t escape.

Make sure any yard chemicals are out of reach of your pet and children. These can be dangerous if ingested or handled improperly.


Like humans, pets have allergies. Whether it’s tree, flower, or grass, pets can be sensitive to environmental allergens that are prevalent during warmer spring weather. Signs your pet has allergies include sneezing, wheezing, excessive licking, and scratching. Your vet can determine the cause and provide a treatment course to help reduce your pet’s symptoms.

Let’s Play

Before spring has sprung, make sure you get your dog out and start stretching those winter legs. Exercise is important for all dogs no matter the time of year. However, many dogs that stay primarily inside the house during the cold winter months may not have the regular neighborhood walks and playtime they need. Consider taking short walks to start at first, with longer more active play as the weather allows.


Another great way to help your dog shake those winter blues is through dog training classes. Wags has partnered with Roverchase, the stress-free, science-based dog training. Roverchase offers several family-friendly, humane dog training options designed to provide lasting results.


The Roverchase team is committed to only using science-based, positive reinforcement methods as recommended by the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior.


We will never use force, intimidation, or fear to produce results. No shock collars. No pinch or prong collars. No choke collars. Period.

Classes are held at Wags in Homewood. Dogs learn…

•  Sit
•  Down
•  Stay
•  Come when called
•  Greeting people calmly
•  Leave It
•  Loose leash walking
•  Settle and stay on a bed
•  Targeting
•  Socialization
  And much more

For more information on class descriptions, dates, and times, check out our website or visit the Roverchase site here.

Finally, a great way to make sure your dog is ready for the spring is to book them some fun playtime at Wags Day Care. Here they can run, play, and socialize with other dogs in a well-supervised environment with our Camp Counselors. Call (205) 902-WAGS (9247) to schedule.

Making sure your pet is ready for the warmer spring and summer weather is a great way to ensure they are happy and healthy.