Merritt Milam | July 2, 2018

Like people, dogs need regular exercise to help them stay healthy and agile. Mental exercise and stimulation are just as important as a run in the park. Providing your pet with interactive toys gives them a simple and fun way to build many critical thinking skills.

Problem Solving

Dogs are intelligent animals that actually have some similar thinking skills as humans. For example, they learn facial expressions, hand gestures, and can even learn by imitation. Puzzles designed specifically for pets help them develop mental skills like problem-solving and reduce anxiety.

A Cure for Boredom

If your dog has an abundant amount of energy, a pet puzzle is just the cure. These toys provide constant activity, keeping them busy for long periods of time. Interactive puzzles channel your pet’s energy to improve behavior instead of letting them create their own fun…like turning your favorite dress shoes into a play toy. When your dog is bored they can become hyperactive and distracted, which can encourage bad behavior such as running, not listening, barking, chewing, digging, etc. For the parent that needs to leave their pet alone for an extended period, pet puzzles can help relieve some of their boredom while you’re away.  (Make sure the puzzle does not require supervision.)

Just as reading and doing mental games like crossword puzzles help people maintain and function at a higher level, pet puzzles can help senior dogs with focus and brain activity. Most toys have a treat component as a prize for successfully solving the activity.  It is important to provide an age-appropriate, healthy snack as their reward.

Pet puzzles also help establish a good foundation for pet training classes, like Puppy Obedience, Impulse Control, and more.  (For more information on new training courses, visit our website here.)

Types of Pet Puzzles

Interactive pet puzzles come in different levels of complexity – easy to hard. If you’re just starting out with a pet puzzle, you might want to begin with an easier activity. A dog’s breed and personality may also determine the level of challenge and puzzle you choose. Games that require searching are good for active dogs, while dogs with mobility issues may do better with problem-solving puzzles. You might find your dog will enjoy a few different types, so mix things up to provide a variety of challenges and fun.

Pup Puzzles Now at Wags ‘N Whiskers

Continuing “The Wag’s Way” promise, “…that your pets will always experience positive reinforcement, compassionate care, and a clean environment…foster a happy and fun atmosphere where our trainers and counselors are genuinely engaged and active with your furry friends”, we are now offering pup puzzles while your dog or cat is enjoying their stay at Wags. Campers will have a choice of a peanut butter or yogurt Kong® puzzle during their rest breaks.

Be on the lookout for a separate email in the next couple of weeks, that will include complete details and a signup form on how to include this option during your pet’s Camp Wags or boarding experience.

We appreciate your trust and confidence in us and look forward to providing your pet with a safe, fun, and rewarding experience during each and every visit to Wags.