Keeping Your Pet Cool: Essential Heat Prevention for Pets

Merritt Milam | July 3, 2023

As the summer sun brings soaring temperatures and high humidity, it’s important to remember that our beloved pets need special care and attention during hot weather. Dogs and cats can easily suffer from heat-related illnesses if not adequately protected. So, how can you ensure your furry companions stay cool and comfortable when the mercury rises? In this blog, we’ll explore essential heat prevention tips for pets to keep them safe and healthy all summer long.

Provide Ample Shade and Fresh Water

Just like humans, pets need a shady retreat to escape the scorching heat. Make sure your outdoor space has plenty of shaded areas where your furry friend can relax. This could be under a tree, on a covered porch, or using a pet-specific sunshade.

Additionally, access to fresh and cool water is vital. Keep multiple bowls of water available throughout the house and refill them regularly. Consider adding ice cubes to their water bowls to keep it refreshingly cool, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

At Wags ‘N Whiskers, our indoor Daycare and Boarding kennels offer a perfect climate-controlled environment that ensures a comfortable temperature for your furry friends. We also ensure all pets have a constant supply of fresh water to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Limit Exercise During Peak Hours

Excessive exercise during the peak heat of the day can lead to heat exhaustion or heatstroke in pets. Schedule walks and playtime during the cooler hours of the early morning or late evening when temperatures are milder. Avoid hot pavement or asphalt, as it can burn sensitive paw pads. Instead, opt for grassy areas or walk on shaded paths.

Remember to observe your pet closely during exercise and look for signs of overheating, such as excessive panting, drooling, or lethargy. If you suspect heat exhaustion, seek immediate veterinary attention. Also, never let your pet walk on hot pavement. If the pavement is too hot for you to walk on barefoot, it’s too hot for your pet!

Wags climate-controlled, indoor daycare is the perfect option for keeping your pet safe from the heat while also providing opportunities for supervised play.

Never Leave Pets in Parked Cars

Leaving a pet inside a parked car can have fatal consequences. On hot days, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise rapidly, even with the windows cracked open. It’s best to leave your furry companion at home if you need to run errands. If you see a pet left unattended in a vehicle, alert authorities.

Create a Cooling Environment

Help your pet beat the heat by setting up a cool and comfortable environment indoors. Use fans or air conditioning to keep the temperature down. If your pet spends time outdoors, consider providing them with a small pool filled with water for a cooling splash. Freeze pet-safe toys or treats for your furry friend to enjoy, providing a refreshing and entertaining way to stay cool.

Breeds at Greater Risk

If you have a short-snouted dog, pay close attention to their exposure to extreme temperatures, as they are at greater risk for breathing problems. The shape of a short-snouted dog’s skull and narrow airways make it more challenging for them to effectively regulate their body temperature. A dog’s natural cooling mechanism involves panting. Reducing this ability to pant efficiently can lead to increased susceptibility to heat exhaustion and heatstroke.


It is essential to provide ample shade, access to cool water, and close monitoring of exercise during exposure to high temperatures to prevent overheating.

Watch for Warning Signs

Understanding the signs of heat-related illnesses is crucial for prompt intervention. Keep an eye out for symptoms such as excessive panting, drooling, weakness, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, and glazed eyes. If you notice any of these signs, move your pet to a cool area, offer them water, and contact your veterinarian immediately.

When it comes to keeping your furry friends cool and safe during hot summer days, Wags ‘N Whiskers indoor daycare and boarding services provide a reliable solution. Our climate-controlled facility, dedicated staff, and commitment to pet well-being make Wags an excellent choice for pet owners seeking a safe and comfortable environment for furry companions. By following the essential heat prevention tips and entrusting your pets to Wags ‘N Whiskers, you can enjoy peace of mind and a worry-free summer, knowing that your beloved pet is in good hands. Remember, a little extra care goes a long way in keeping your pets healthy, happy, and cool even on the hottest days. Stay vigilant and enjoy a wonderful summer with your best furry friend!