Merritt Milam | January 1, 2019

Pets need playtime. A nice brisk walk, chasing a ball, or just rolling around to scratch that hard to reach spot…dogs love, and need, a good, safe place to play. Whether you have a big or small dog, they all benefit from time to stretch their legs and socialize with other pets and people. Dog parks became widespread several years ago. They provide a safe, enclosed area where dogs can run, roam, and just be dogs. The benefit of letting your dog exercise and socialize off-leash, while you watch them play, is certainly a big reason they became popular. However, it’s also important to understand some additional considerations are needed when visiting this location.


Assertive Play

A dog park can be a roll of the dice because they’re usually a “one size fits all” environment. Your best friend may enjoy the openness of the dog park but if they or the other pets at the park are not compatible (size, temperament, age, etc.) the outing could be problematic and even dangerous. Some dogs like aggressive play, causing shy or timid pets to be fearful and anxious. These different play styles can cause dogs to learn behavior that is not appropriate or helpful to their socialization with other dogs and people. At Camp Wags, dogs are specifically grouped in playtime by their size and compatibility. Aside from our deep love for animals, trained Camp Counselors make sure your pet has a safe, playful experience.


Pet Health

You make sure your dog is current on their vaccinations, get regular checkups, and take heartworm prevention…but what about the other dog park pets? When you visit the dog park an animal control officer is not always there to check a pet’s vaccination records. That means they could be exposed to dogs that are not up-to-date on their shots or heartworm prevention. Most pet parents are responsible. Under ideal circumstances, this concern would never be an issue. But one dog with a case of highly contagious kennel cough can ruin your outing and add an unexpected vet bill for treatment. While you can’t keep your pet completely safe, it is important to know that all pets at Camp Wags are required to be current on their vaccines. We love pets and want to make sure all our furry friends are happy and healthy.



Most pet parents are responsible and will clean-up their dog’s poop while on a walk. In most cities it’s not just expected – it’s required. The same is true at a dog park but sometimes this responsibility is overlooked, expecting the municipality or someone else to handle that task. This is not just wrong…it’s a health issue. When your pet is a Camper at Wags, we make sure our large indoor play area is always clean and regularly sanitized. Also, our indoor canine grass is hypo-allergenic, so pets with grass or weed allergies will be happier and healthier.

The Wags Way

The Wags Way is our promise that your pets will always experience positive reinforcement, compassionate care, and a clean environment while with the Wags team! Your pets will be treated like family and we will never use force or intimidation tactics to modify their behavior. We will consistently foster a happy and fun atmosphere where our trainers and counselors are genuinely engaged and active with your furry friends! Safety is a top priority at Wags; By utilizing a low counselor-to-pet ratio (1:5), we are able to devote more time to each animal while ensuring the safety of all.

Wags 'n Whiskers, Birmingham's comprehensive pet care facility, has an indoor, climate-controlled, canine grass play area.

Our indoor facility is climate-controlled for comfortable temperatures year-round and has plentiful skylights for a generous amount of sunshine!

Wags ‘N Whiskers is also proud to be a FetchFind® Approved business! This means all of our employees receive professional-level pet care education and continue to take classes throughout their career with us. All of our staff training is via FetchFind® Monthly Pro, the premier educational resource for pet industry professionals. This science-based and animal-centered curriculum has been developed by certified experts with decades of experience in the field.



So, Camp Wags or the Dog Park?
We understand that both may be an option for providing your pet with the exercise and socialization experience they need. We just want to make sure you have the best information to make an informed decision for you and your pet.

If your dog has never experienced Camp Wags, here’s your opportunity to score a great deal and provide them with a day of fun and relaxation. All new clients* can purchase a 5-day daycare package for only $100. (That’s a savings of $25!) For more information call us at 205.902.WAGS (9247).

*A new client is considered anyone who has never used Wags ‘N Whiskers services.