Holiday Pet Travel Tips

Merritt Milam | December 1, 2021

As the pandemic wanes, traveling plans are seeing a big surge. Whether it’s the “cabin fever” effect or just the idea that life must get back to normal, people are hitting the road, and air, again in record numbers. This month we provide some important travel tips for parents taking their furry friends along for the ride.

First Things First

Before you leave on your journey, preparation is the key to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Make sure you pack your pet’s essentials like food, treats, medications, bedding, collar (with ID tags), leash, and grooming supplies. Packing a favorite toy or blanket will also help provide comfort and make the transition from home to your destination a little smoother.

For additional safety, write down the name, address, and phone number of a reputable veterinarian or emergency animal clinic in your destination city. This is especially important if you are traveling with a senior pet. Hopefully, you’ll never need this information, but if you do it can help make a difficult situation easier to manage.

Make sure your pet’s vaccines are updated and they are on a heartworm preventative. You may not plan on them interacting with other pets, but why take the risk, especially if you must visit a vet clinic while you’re away.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Regardless of your mode of travel, pet care and safety are of utmost concern. When traveling by car it should go without saying…Never Leave Your Pet Alone in the Car! Even in late fall temperatures in an enclosed car can be dangerous.

Make frequent stops for bathroom breaks and to stretch their legs but keep them on a leash. It’s also important to make sure your pet is secured in a pet seat harness or crate for their protection and yours.

For pets who may be first-time passengers or tend to become anxious with the travel process, there are safe and effective medications that make the experience more acceptable. To find out if medication can help your pet’s anxiety, contact your veterinarian.

Pet Identification

Traveling can be stressful for pets. New sounds and surroundings may frighten your pet, causing them to run away. It’s recommended you have your pet microchipped and wear a collar with their name, proof of vaccinations, and your home phone number. These items offer the best opportunity for a safe return.

Maybe Pet Travel Isn’t in Your Pet’s Future

Not all pets and parents make good travel companions. If Fido needs a staycation while you travel this year, Wags has you covered. Schedule your pet a kennel or suite and we’ll make sure their stay is safe, fun, and relaxing. You can also include playtime and grooming services, assuring your pet is looking their best when you come home. Just remember, reservations get booked early, so call (205) 902-WAGS (9247) today!

Additional Helpful Travel Tips

For more helpful tips to make your pet’s travel safe and enjoyable, visit the American Kennel Club website. Also check out Wags boarding policy and information on our website.

Enjoy your holiday travels and have a safe trip!