Merritt Milam | May 3, 2020

Unless you just arrived from a universe far, far away, things in our world have been anything but normal this past month. While some of us were catching up on the latest novels, movies, yard work, or plotting out the next toilet paper scavenger hunt, others took on a new furry family member to help pass the “stay at home” boredom.


Across the country, animal adoptions and foster homes are significantly up, with many shelters reporting empty. As stay at home requirements start to ease and life gets back to normal, it’s important these new pets are able to make the transition to a change in routine and reduced amount of family time.

First Things First

Make sure your new pet is up to date on their vaccines and heartworm prevention. This is important for their health and the health of other pets they may come in contact with while playing or boarding.


Your veterinarian can conduct a thorough exam and provide heartworm and flea/tick medication to ensure their safety. Keep in mind, all Wags daycare and boarding pets are required to have up to date vaccines.




Social distancing practices may have kept most people from interacting with neighbors and their pets. As businesses reopen and people leave the house, pets could find themselves alone for long periods of time. To help your dog transition to this change, consider enrolling them in Wags Day Care. Your pet will get lots of time with other dogs as well as an opportunity for much-needed exercise. Our experienced Camp Counselors will make sure they have fun and their play is safe.




Day Care is also helpful if you don’t have a good place to keep your dog when you return to work or are out during the day for extended periods of time. Leaving a new pet alone can cause anxiety and bad habits to develop.



Who doesn’t love to cuddle with a new puppy? But at some point, that cute pup will need a good bath and their nails clipped. Getting your dog in for bath and grooming at an early age is a great way for them to get comfortable with these services. Over time most pets will find the experience enjoyable. Wags is currently providing full grooming services with curbside service only. Call 205-902-WAGS (9247).



If you are one of the many new COVID pet parents, training classes may be just the activity for you and your furry friend. Currently, online classes are being offered, but later this month our regular in-house classes are scheduled to return. (Visit our website training page for new dates and times.) As businesses reopen and people get back to work, training classes provide a great bonding and socialization opportunity. That new furball, who kept you company while you stayed at home, can now enjoy a learning experience that will last a lifetime.


Training classes will help build your dog’s confidence, create a lasting bond, and can keep them safe. All classes are taught using positive feedback methods and are family-friendly. No shock collars are ever used or allowed.



Staying at home these past several weeks, and the uncertainty of a “normal” summer, has certainly changed a lot of spring break and summer vacation plans for most people. No doubt many people will be venturing out soon for a long-awaited trip. To help your new pup (or a regular Wags friend) adjust to your sudden escape from self-quarantine, boarding can be a helpful option.


Make sure you schedule your pet’s boarding dates early, as many people will soon be looking for time away at the beach or beyond.


Welcome Back

Wags wants to welcome all our regulars and new friends back! We have missed you and look forward to providing the same great service as before the stay at home order was in place. If you have any questions about our services or hours, please call 205-902-WAGS (9247).