Five Ways to “Pet Proof” Your House

Merritt Milam | February 5, 2015

It’s a fact – pets are family. So what are the best ways to make sure that all family members are safe and happy while at home? Check out our tips below for your furry friends!

Keep things tidy

Is it a shoe? Or a shoe-shaped toy? How are our pets supposed to tell a difference between what they can and cannot play with when everything is within their reach? The best way to ensure your pets don’t get chew-happy on the wrong things is to make sure that tempting items (i.e. books, magazines, undergarments) are put away when they are not in use.

Avoid the buffet

Your pup knows how much you love him, so why wouldn’t that cake on the counter be meant for him? To prevent unwanted cookie monsters, it is best to keep food off of counters and tables. Instead, put everything edible in the refrigerator or pantry. Remember – less temptation, more success!

There’s no place like home

Crates offer pets a safe, comforting place to retreat to when they need a quick snooze or if you are rearranging the living room. If you come upon a situation that is not ideal or safe for your pet, putting them in their crate is a great solution. Not only are they safe, they can help you keep your sanity!

Treat ‘em like a baby

Chances are, you baby your dog. Now it’s time to baby-proof the house for your dog. Using familiar baby-proofing tools like cabinet clips and door knob locks can prevent your furry friends from wandering into unwanted or dangerous areas. These tricks also ensure that harmful items like toxic cleaners or other hazardous chemicals are kept out of reach.


Help your furry friends focus on the toys you want them to have by keeping fun, interactive toys within reach. This will ensure they are interested in playing with something other than your new baseball glove. Long-lasting chew toys provide mental stimulation and can help keep your pets occupied. Purchase new toys every month or so to help pique their interest!