Five Ways to Entertain Your Dog in the Cold Weather

Merritt Milam | January 12, 2016


The cold weather has finally made its way into Birmingham. For most of us Southerners, playing outside in 30 degree temperatures is not for the faint of heart, and we try to avoid this chilly confrontation at all costs. Even our beloved pups are not fans of the bitter cold, and they should be kept inside for warmth and comfort. This presents a difficult situation for pet owners, especially those with active, high-energy dogs – never fear! We have some fun and entertaining exercises for you and your pooch to do together when the weather outside is a bit too nippy for enjoyment.

Brush Up on your Training

This chilly season is the perfect time to brush up on the training techniques that you and your dog learned at Wags University. Start with the basics, such as sit, stay, down, shake, etc., and then move on to more complex activities. Training cues encourage dogs to think and concentrate, which can burn off just as much energy as running around outside.

Join Wags ‘n Whiskers for a Training Camp at Wags University

Sometimes it’s more fun to practice your pup’s training in a group setting. We offer a variety of positive reinforcement dog training classes that accommodate dogs of any level, from beginner to advanced. Some of our classes include nose work, reactive rover, Hand in Paw prep and a click-a-trick class, all which are great dog training classes for the pooch who has already mastered his beginner’s class. To kick off your dog’s New Year’s resolution, we even have a six-week beginner class beginning on Jan. 19 from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.! These classes are fun and educational for the whole family!

Invest in a Kong

A peanut butter filled Kong will entertain your dog for hours on end and is the perfect solution to cabin fever in the winter. Dogs go crazy over a Kong filled with goodies and will light up at the sight of the red bouncy toy. Put some dog food in the Kong, seal it off with peanut butter and store it in the freezer until it’s needed. Your dog will be satisfied for hours!

Play Games

Yes, you can play games with your dogs! Ever heard of dog hide-and-seek? This fun and hilarious game will also go a long way when teaching the cues “stay” and “come.” Did you ever think cleaning up the house was a fun game? Well, your furry friend does! Scatter your dog’s favorite toys throughout the house and teach him to put the toys back where they belong. Start first by teaching your dog what the command “put away” means by teaching him to pick up a toy, carry it back to the basket and drop it into the basket. This not only helps you clean, but is a fun activity for your dog!

Attend Camp Wags

During the cold weather months of January and February, it’s best to leave your pooch indoors to protect him from the cold while you’re at work, running errands or at school. If you know you will be gone for a long period of time, drop off your dog at Wags ‘n Whiskers doggie daycare, Camp Wags, for boundless playtime! Camp Wags is a climate-controlled, indoor facility that is set at pleasant temperatures year-round so you never have to worry about your dog being too hot or too cold while playing in daycare.