Merritt Milam | January 1, 2020

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, from exercising and dieting, to getting a better job and saving money. All are noble goals; however, the actual success rate is not very promising. According to Inc.com, “80 percent of us will fail to achieve our New Year’s resolution.1”

Now, before you decide to give up and grab another slice of chocolate cake or leave for an after Christmas spending spree, we’ve got another option for consideration. It’s an activity that provides multiple opportunities for positive gains for you as well as your best furry friend…sign up for our dog training classes.

Whether you received a new dog for the holidays, or your current furry friend needs the help of a well-structured refresher activity, training classes are a great way to start your new year. Family-friendly, positive training classes can provide multiple benefits to you and your pet.

An obedient dog is a happy and safe dog. Pets love to please. Obedience training gives dogs opportunities to create a strong bond with their parent through positive feedback. It also helps them learn valuable life skills like sit, stay, come, and leash walking. Training your pet to recognize and act on these commands can keep them from running into oncoming traffic or eating something harmful.

Knowing your dog is able to handle many different environments and situations provides you peace of mind and builds confidence in your pet.

Remember that new year’s resolution to exercise more? Training classes give you and your pet a chance to get up and move. They may not give you a “gym-level” workout, but you’ll both find training class to be a healthy experience. Our pets need regular exercise and activities that challenge them. Training classes provide both and also promise a good night’s sleep for all.

Building a strong bond with your pet is important. It helps encourage companionship, love, and a feeling of belonging. It also makes your pet feel safe and confident. For the pet owner, bonding with your dog provides lasting friendship and trust. It makes pet ownership more pleasurable, elevating the relationship from furry friendship to a cherished member of the family.

An important benefit of group training classes is socialization. Learning how to respond to other dogs and people is a learned skill that training can provide. Training classes give your dog the opportunity to be around other pets and people in a well-controlled setting. As they learn obedience and impulse control commands, they will gain confidence and feel comfortable around others. This allows you to take your pet to more public places like parks or for long walks in the neighborhood. A socialized dog is more inclined to behave properly around others. They are also more likely to refrain from jumping on guests or barking at a bystander.

Is your pet a counter surfer? Does your dog refuse to leave things alone that aren’t theirs? Maybe your pet doesn’t come when you call them, or they’re easily distracted by noises. Training classes address these impulse control issues, helping your dog exhibit appropriate behavior in many important situations.

Next Steps
Start your new year training resolution off with classes at Wags ‘N Whiskers. We offer several levels of training that will have you and your pet bonding and working together towards a happier, healthier relationship. It’s important to know that our trainers are CPDT-KA certified (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed) and have been training dogs for years. They also train using only positive methods and believe that every dog has potential, no matter the age or breed!

For a list of the latest classes and detailed information, check our website or call us at 205.902.WAGS (9247).

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