5 things to do with your pets during the holidays

Merritt Milam | December 19, 2017

The holidays can be a stressful time for both you and your pets. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed, make sure your furry friend doesn’t feel left out of the festivities. Below are 5 fun things you can do with your pets this holiday season.

Enjoy the lights

Holiday lights always seem to make the season feel a little brighter and happier. If the weather permits, let your pet enjoy all the sights and sounds by taking him on a daily walk around the neighborhood.

Do some holiday baking

Your dog is sure to notice all the smells of holiday goodies around the home, and will be thrilled to enjoy the indulgences. While you are whipping up your signature holiday dishes, consider making some pet-friendly treats for your pup to enjoy. Below are a few of our favorite recipes for pet-friendly treats.
Candy Canes
Gingerbread Cookies
Holiday Cookies

Participate in pet-friendly community activities

Ask around and do some research to see if your city or community offers pet-friendly activities during the holidays. These can include pictures with Santa, music shows, indoor farmer’s markets, and any other events that will allow your pup to be included in the festivities.

Host a pet-friendly holiday party

If your pet is comfortable around others, consider making this year’s holiday gathering pet-friendly. This can allow your pet some time to socialize with his other furry friends. If he is not comfortable around large crowds, try scheduling a play date with another dog in the neighborhood.


Amid the holiday chaos, don’t forget to take some time and relax. Pop in your favorite holiday movie and enjoy a night with the members of your family, both four-legged and-two.


If you would like more information about keeping your pets happy and safe this holiday season, give us a call at 205.902.WAGS (9247) and we’ll be happy to help!