FOOTBALL AND FIDO…Can Happily Coexist!

Merritt Milam | September 2, 2019

Fall is not here, yet, but football definitely is! Your pets may need help adjusting to the noise and excitement a gameday party can bring. Here are several tips to make their football season a winner.

Plan Ahead

When planning your party’s food and decorations…don’t forget to consider your pet’s needs and comfort. Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do my pets get anxious or nervous around people?
  • Will they be jumping or bothering my guests?
  • Are they frightened by loud noises?
  • Will they be underfoot or in the way?
  • Will they eat food that is not good for them?
  • Could they run out of the house and get hurt?

Your answers to the questions above, should help determine whether your pets are best kept at home or boarded during the game.


Pets Staying at Home

If you decide to keep your pets at home during your gameday party, the following suggestions assure a happy event for all.

  • Before your guests arrive, feed and exercise your dog. Hyperactivity and begging can be two disruptive behaviors you can reduce with a good walk and a bowl of food. Exercise is a good way to calm them down and reduce their anxiety.
  • If your pets are crate trained, find them a quiet room where they can be away from the noise and excitement. Add a favorite toy and bedding to give them something to do and make them comfortable.
  • Make sure you check on them often for bathroom and water breaks.
  • Take them for a quick walk at halftime to stretch their legs.
  • Let your guests know that Fido will be staying for the party. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it will also alert you of any allergies or issues they might have with pets. They should also know that feeding your pet gameday snacks are off limits. It’s not good for them and can make them sick.
  • Make sure your pet is microchipped or wears a collar with your contact information in case they are accidentally let loose.


If you think your pets will still be anxious, but you want to keep them at home during your party, speak with your veterinarian about prescribing anti-anxiety medications. These can help calm your pet and reduce their anxiety.

Boarding May Be Best

Sometimes it may be easier and safer to board your pets during your gameday party. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on your guests, while your pet enjoys their kennel accommodations and staff attention. For reservations call 205.902.WAGS (9247).


Hosting a football party shouldn’t be a stressful time for you or your pets. Making the right plans for a stay at home or a boarding break at Wags will definitely make your party a great event every time.