All students are welcome at Wags University! We are one of the only training facilities in Birmingham, Alabama that solely uses positive reinforcement techniques. Compassion drives all of our actions at Wags ‘n Whiskers, leading to our rewarding and nurturing training techniques that focus on each canine’s unique needs. Our trainers work closely with you to determine the best training program for your four-legged friend that will make everyone wag a lot! Training packages are offered for both puppies and adult dogs with classes ranging from basic obedience to Canine Good Citizen Certification. Private, group and family sessions are available. Learn more about our Wags University packages and class schedules below!


Modeled after veterinary behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar’s work and specifically designed for puppies ages 7­ to 12 weeks old, this comprehensive four-week course is a great way to expose your new pet to novel sounds, sights, and textures. Also included in the coursework is body handling and socialization with strangers and other pups under the guidance of a skilled instructor. Yappy Hour is designed to maximize the advantages of early intervention during crucial learning periods.

Our beginner class is the equivalent to our puppy class but appropriate for dogs older than eight months old.


This six-week course includes items on the Canine Good Citizen exam and an obedience certification through the American Kennel Club. Your dog will learn how to become comfortable with strangers, distractions and distance work with come and stay, walking through a crowd, staying next to the owner when approaching people with dogs and even staying while the owner eats! This challenging class is great practice for those pursuing therapy work and offers the Canine Good Citizen exam with an AKC evaluator, if desired.

Does your dog bark, growl, or lunge at other dogs? Is she/he fearful, defensive or too excitable? If so, this class is for you. Your dog will learn not only to look at you first before reacting, he/she will also be taught a new emotional response to other dogs. No dog deserves to feel stressed, afraid or upset in public. No matter how long your dog has suffered with reactivity, this class is for you! 
We work with you and your dog to utilize your dog's wonderful sense of smell and provide a new form of mental stimulation. The sport is a great way to help anxious or fearful dogs work though their issues and become more comfortable away from home. Only one dog is searching at a time, so the sport is perfect for dog reactive dogs. All dogs are welcome and no prior training is required.
 If you’re looking for a fun challenge for an active, bored, or destructive dog, this is the outlet for them! This six-week course features 30 fun tricks that will awe and delight! Included are high five, jump through a hoop, play a piano, skateboarding, and the hokey pokey.
This six-week course addresses impulse control issues in dogs, such as pulling towards distractions, not coming when called, counter surfing, and refusing to leave things that aren’t theirs. Strong emphasis is put on offered behaviors, teaching the dog to make good decisions without being asked. Come, leave it, stay, and settle are delved into more deeply, through the use of new, innovative exercises. Prerequisite: beginner obedience or equivalent skills.


*All dogs participating in training must be up to date on Rabies, DHPP and Bordatella (every six months) vaccinations.


We partner with some of the best trainers in Birmingham to offer a wide array of training classes. See some of our additional sessions below!

Rebecca Mason (CPDT) at Wags University

Beginner Class: Sundays (9/24 - 10/29) 3 p.m.

Impulse Control: Sundays (10/15 - 11/19) 2 p.m.

Beginner Class: Sundays (11/5 - 12/10) 1 p.m.

Beginner Class: Tuesdays (12/5 - 1/9) 6:30 p.m.

Tricks Class: Tuesdays (12/5 - 1/9) 7:30 p.m.


Beginner - $375

Impulse Control - $375

Hand in Paw Therapy Prep - $375

Canine Good Citizen - $25

Nose Work - $145

Reactive Rover - $450

Tricks - $150

Yappy Hour - $125